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Black Keys’ front-man Dan Auerbach says it best: “We make music for hipster strippers.” Check out the full article at
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it's not often that I encounter a record that can move me like "lovely is death" has. you'll be impressed with the haunting guitar work and the vocals that barely register. check out the full review at
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singer/songwriter valeri lopez has a voice that's incandescently brilliant... and banjo skills to match! check out the full review at
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this record by the french indie act phoenix was a smash. "lizstomania" leads off a wildly unforgettable journey into the euro-classical past. sounds like it would if the kooks did a record with bowie.

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fantastic mr. fox

fantastic mr. fox (starring the vocal talents of george clooney and meryl streep) is currently in theaters.

deep characters? check.
stop-action awesome? check.
willem dafoe as a villain? mhmm.
quirky and unpredictable plotlines? yes sir.

i very rarely give out five stars for a work of art, but wes anderson and crew deserve it. go see this movie today! ok? ok.

check out the full review at
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hatless atlas

hatless atlas, a two-man folk act from portland, oregon, sure cranks out some intense lyricism. their song "a stranger" is one well-crafted piece of indie.
check out their myspace here:
you can see the full review at
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